Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother Review

Perhaps one of the most sought-after drinks in a coffee shop is the cappuccino. It’s a small and instant way to warm anyone one on a cold, rainy day. Its main components include an espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk foam.

Anyone can easily create their own cup of cappuccino if they’re provided with the right ingredients and equipment. Going to a coffee shop won’t be necessary if you know how to make your own!

This review doesn’t tackle how to make a delicious cup of cappuccino, but it explains how one product can help you create that cup of pure delight. We’ll be talking about the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother (Older Version - Discontinued) and what makes it a great choice for consumers.

Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother (Older Version - Discontinued)


  • Can froth milk both hot and cold
  • Can store up to 250 ml for hot milk preparation
  • Can store up to 130 ml for milk froth preparation
  • Designed with level indicators for better measurements
  • Can froth milk in 70 seconds
  • Detachable base
  • Non-stick interior
  • Includes a user manual
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Includes a wire whip and a small plastic paddle
  • Level indicators
  • Stainless steel
  • Shipping weight of 2.7 pounds


Nespresso is one of the best milk frother brand names in espresso and coffee machines. Operated by the famous Nestle Group, it’s no surprise that customers have trusted their decade’s worth of durable and well-made machines.

One of the perks of owning your own Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother is getting the best of both worlds when it comes to frothing. You can froth either hot or cold milk with the Aeroccino Plus! You won’t have to bother buying different frothers for different temperatures; you can easily switch from hot to cold with this easy to operate equipment.

The Aeroccino Plus is equipped with two attachments: a wire whip for cappuccinos and a small plastic paddle for lattes. A customer enjoyed the rich taste of foam the Aeroccino Plus frothed. It was easy for them to appreciate the warm milk after quick and quiet use of the machine.

Frothing milk was fast and soundless. It’s also good to know that its level indicators can tell how much milk you should put in to avoid overfilling. You can enjoy a 250 ml cup of hot milk and store up to 130 ml of milk for froth preparations.

Cleaning the machine was also a breeze. Unlike most milk frothers, there were no traces of burnt milk on the bottom because of its non-stick interiors. This makes it a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to waste their time wiping and washing the unwanted residue. All you have to do is take the container from its detachable base and set it up for a cleanup.

The Aeroccino Plus also includes a user manual for an easy understanding of the product. Instructions on how to properly use the machine are stated to assure the proper handling and longevity of the product.


The Aeroccino Plus comes with a few little quibbles that customers have noticed. Although it can easily make a cup of warm milk, a customer would have preferred the milk to be a bit hotter. It would have been better if it had a temperature adjustment control that can decide how hot or cold the milk could be.

Some users also wished that it was dishwasher-safe. Despite that unavailable feature, the Aeroccino Plus can is still an easy piece of equipment to clean. Make sure to rinse the container after each use to avoid unnecessary issues like spillage.

Some customers also found it a bit pricey, but with a product as well-made and easy to operate like the Aeroccino Plus, high standards are guaranteed. To assure you the best experience with the product, take the time to read the manual and follow instructions as to not accidentally break or damage the machine.

If you properly take care of this nifty machine, then you’re bound to spend years making delicious cups of cappuccinos and lattes with this nifty equipment.


If you’re thinking of getting this for a friend or for yourself, then you’re investing on the right product. The Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother (Older Version - Discontinued) guarantees a durable and long lasting relationship with its owner. Nespresso is a renowned brand that manufactures the best coffee machines, and the Aeroccino Plus is one of them.

Cappuccinos and lattes can be fully enjoyed in the comfort of your own home when you decide to purchase this amazing machine. It can froth either hot or cold milk.

If you’re in the mood for warm milk then you can easily turn the machine on and wait for your milk to warm. It’s fast and reliable and gives anyone an easy time with cleaning.

It might seem expensive to some, but the features and durability are worth it. Just make sure to carefully read the instructions to avoid any unneeded mistakes in handling the product. The Aeroccino can be a useful addition to your occasional coffee drinks.

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