Types of Milk Frothers

With the popularity of teas and designer coffees nowadays, it is common to see milk frothers being offered for sale on the market which promise high-quality milk froths each time they are used. They come in various shapes, sizes, features and even looks.

However, when thinking of buying a milk frother, it is important that you consider a lot of factors before purchasing one. You have to consider your budget, what quality of froth you want it to make, how it is used, its power source, and how easy it is to clean.

Here are the four major types of milk frothers available on the market today, all of which you’ll find represented on our list of the best milk frothers at https://www.frothstar.com/best-milk-frother.

Handheld wand milk frothers

The first type of milk frother is the handheld wand milk frother. This type of milk frother is battery-operated and, as the name implies, it has a wand part which has a whisk at the end of it.

The whisk then moves to get the milk to froth. Many users who do not want to froth a lot of milk prefer this type of milk frother and it is very cheap. It can also froth both hot and cold milk, perfect for any type of beverage.

However, this type of milk frother cannot help you steam the milk you wish to froth; you will have to steam the milk separately on a stove or microwave before you can use the handheld wand milk frother to froth it.

The frother also eats a lot of power, so you will need to keep a lot of spare batteries to keep frothing. Frothing is also longer when using this type of milk frother.

Hand pump milk frother

The second type of milk frother is a hand pump milk frother. With this milk frother, you have a pitcher where you put in the milk, and a mesh screen which is attached to the handle or rubber rim to ensure no milk spills as you use this frother. To start frothing with this milk frother, you have to manually pump the milk with the help of the pump.

Many prefer this milk frother because it is very easy to use and very cheap, much like a handheld milk frother. It is also easy to clean and can even be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Unfortunately, you can only froth cold milk with this type of milk frother. It is also very small, so you have to do several batches before you can get your desired amount of milk froth.

Steam frother

The third type of milk frother is a steam frother. This milk frother can steam the milk and froth it at the same time. The steaming function of this milk frother comes from its installed steam wand.

For those who like to make large quantities of hot frothed milk, this is the milk frother to buy. It is also undeniable that this milk frother produces the best milk froths on the market.

Unfortunately, if you want to get this milk frother, you have to be prepared to buy an espresso machine as the steam wand is mostly available with them, and espresso machines can be very expensive.

It is also very difficult to use this type of milk frother because you would have to know when to use the wand to get the milk froth you need each time you use it.

Electric milk frother

Finally, the fourth type of milk frother on the market is the electric milk frother. At first glance, you might say that these milk frothers look like small electric kettles or a blender due to its shape and design.

This type of frother comes with its own jug where you can place the milk, a power base, a tight cover, and a wand which is attached in the cover that has a whisk. Some milk frothers have the whisk inside the jug and it is powered by the electric power base.

The jug of this milk frother also come with a helpful guide as to how much milk you should put in for a certain serving.

It is also important to remember that this type of milk frother can simultaneously steam and froth milk when you press the button to start. Once the frothing process is done and the milk is at the target temperature, it automatically shuts off.

Many love this type of milk frother because it can froth and steam milk at the same time. It can also produce huge quantities of milk froth in one sitting, and it is also on par with steam frothers.

Unfortunately, like steam frothers, electric milk frothers can be expensive, depending on the brand and features you are looking for. Frothing may take a while to complete, and some cannot handle small quantities of milk to froth. There are also milk frothers of this type which can be very noisy.

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