What Milk Frother Features to Look For

When it comes to creating the best cappuccinos and lattes, you’ll need the finest ingredients and the most reliable equipment to achieve that perfect blend of caffeine and frothy foam on top.

You don’t have to be a certified barista to understand the basic instructions of how to blend your own cappuccino, but you’ll need to know the basics of how to use a milk frother. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing the right frother. By the way, if you need assistance in choosing a good option for you, check out our list at https://www.frothstar.com/best-milk-frother.

Two Kinds of Electric Milk Frothers

  • Handheld Electric Milk Frother

These small gadgets are light and portable. You’ll be able to carry this almost anywhere because of its size. Handheld electric milk frothers are able to create fluffy and creamy froths by simply using them to whisk the milk. Of course, it doesn’t have the features to heat or cool your milk so it might take time for you prepare.

With the lack of advanced features comes the lack of expense. These products are usually cheaper compared to electric milk frothers and are only powered by batteries.

  • Automatic Electric Milk Frother

An automatic electric milk frother is a bigger and much more advanced frother. It has different features for different kinds of electric frothers, but they should be able to automatically froth your milk with just a click of a button.

It usually has different settings for drinks and can be easy or difficult to operate depending on the design and the manufacturer of the product. Electric frothers vary from one another, so be sure to check which features to consider so you can find the best one for you.

Features to Consider

  • Material

A great electric frother would be made of stainless steel. This gives it a more durable and stylish look in the kitchen. Having a stainless steel exterior also makes it easier to clean. Premium stainless steel provides a longer lasting longevity compared to products that are made of plastic or poorly made metal.

  • Ability to froth hot or cold milk

If an electric frother can froth both hot and cold milk, then it’s a winner. You won’t have to worry about boiling milk or adding ice to your milk because a frother with these settings can manage that for you.

  • Vacuum insulation

When an electric frother has a built-in vacuum insulation, you’re bound to get a great experience with the gadget. Having a vacuum insulation makes your drink maintain its temperature. You won’t have to worry about losing the milk’s heat because the vacuum insulation keeps it warm or cold depending on your setting.

  • Non-stick interior

A non-stick interior assures you that you’ll never have to dread seeing burnt milk on the bottom. This feature helps create the best froth without wasting any amount by sticking inside. It also is quicker to clean because you’re assured there won’t be any residue sticking around.

  • Level indicators

Level indicators are important to assure that you won’t cry over spilled milk. Minimum and maximum indicators provide an accurate way to measure how much you should put in your frother. Milk won’t be wasted and your frothing milk won’t ever have to be messy.

  • Capacity

Before purchasing your electric frother, make sure it’s just the right size so you can get enough froth for your cup. 250 ml would be enough to prepare milk while dividing it in half would usually suffice for froth preparation. If you’re picky with sizing, make sure to get a bigger machine for a bigger capacity.

  • Detachable base

Having a detachable base makes it easy for anyone to pour the froth. They don’t have to worry about wires getting in the way because they can easily take the container off the base and take it with them.

How it Works

Automatic electric frothers are fairly easy to use. Settings vary from each machine but they typically work the same way:

  1. Fill the container with milk; make sure it’s the right amount as to prevent overflowing or burning the milk
  2. Choose the settings and turn it on.
  3. Wait. Depending on the frother, it can take less than a minute to two minutes to properly give you that luscious cream.
  4. Pour it on! Once it’s finished frothing your milk, you can detach it from its base and fill your coffee with foaming milk
  5. Enjoy your cappuccino, or latte, or just your heated milk.

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