Milk Frother Brands

A cup of coffee every morning keeps you going. However, drinking plain coffee can be very boring at times, and you may like to go to a café to get a different take on your favorite drinks. Fortunately, the best milk frothers can be used at home so everyone can make their favorite café drinks.

Of course, milk frothers do vary in terms of what they can do and what they promise users. If you are new to the whole milk-frothing craze, it can be a difficult venture to select a good milk frother to purchase for your home. If you want to choose a trusted brand to limit your search for a good milk frother, here are some of the brands you can check out.


For coffee lovers, Secura is a trusted name as they make some of the best coffee machines on the market today. The company focuses on delivering high quality and appealing coffee-related machines for the best affordable price. Most of their coffee machines, including their milk frothers, are done in tasteful, modern black and stainless steel in order for it to fit any type of kitchen.

Aside from its modern style, Secura’s milk frother comes with an easy-to-press switch to get the milk frother working immediately. The LED light indicators will help you determine if the machine is still frothing or switched on. Milk frothers from Secura also come with a clear top to let you see the milk being frothed by the machine.


Another known name in the kitchen and in the milk frother market is Breville. Breville has some of the best milk frothers available such as the Breville Milk Café. Although it can be pricy to purchase a Breville-made milk frother, many long-time users trust the brand to deliver a great milk frother. Breville makes affordable milk frothers which are great for small servings and lattes.

Breville milk frothers are well-known for allowing you to determine the temperature of your beverage. They also allow you to create not just milk froths, but also hot chocolates and other unique beverages. Regardless of what price range your Breville is, you are guaranteed high-quality drinks and milk froths each time the machine is used.


For those looking for a cheaper yet still powerful milk frother, Gourmia’s collection of milk frothers should be on your list for consideration. Much like the Secura, Gourmia’s milk frothers look very modern, thanks to their stainless-steel bodies with black trim, and a simple design.

Even if it is less expensive than its competitors, many customers expressed their satisfaction with this brand as it can produce very good milk froth, and it can froth both hot and cold milk. Another plus factor many customers cite with the Gourmia range is that it is cordless so you can froth wherever you want.


Another known budget milk frother brand aside from Gourmia is the Epica milk frother range. Their Automatic Heater Carafe is a top favorite for those looking for budget and consistent milk frothers.

According to reports, this specific milk frother from Epica has caught the hearts of many milk froth enthusiasts because of its simple design and straightforward operation. It also does not have any other features like LED lights, but it will just make delicious froth for your coffee or other favorite beverages.


If you want high-quality coffee and other related beverages, Nespresso is the brand you can trust. For the past few of years, this brand has delivered coffee-making masterpieces and even introduced new machines to make coffee drinking at par with café beverages, even at home.

For milk frothing, Nespresso has quite an array of milk frothers that will deliver high-quality froths regardless of your budget.

Nespresso milk frothers come in simple designs that will look great in any kitchen; they have a stainless-steel chrome finish. Many love Nespresso’s machines because of their dependability, as the performance will not falter, even if you use this heavily or produce milk froth in huge quantities.


Aside from Nespresso, Bodum is another iconic brand in the coffee making industry. Their frothers are very stylish and one-of-a-kind, even if they are either hand-powered or battery operated.

Any milk frother or coffee machine from this brand is sure to last for decades, thanks to its high-quality materials. When it comes to the end product of this brand’s milk frothers, you may find yourself wondering if the milk froth is made by an electric or professional milk frother.

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