Keurig Mini Reviews

Coffee is a language in itself – Jackie Chan

Being life-long fans of his, we’ve never had a reason to doubt anything that Jackie Chan says, and his coffee-based wisdom has only served to reinforce what we already knew about Hong Kong’s premiere action star.

That is, he’s never wrong. Like Jackie, we firmly believe that coffee is a language and a law unto itself, both of which can take a lifetime to understand and fully appreciate. 

We know that to be true because we’ve spent a lifetime trying to unravel the intricacies of coffee and discover as much about the drink that makes sure that the world keeps turning as humanly possible.

Admittedly, that’s not a lot, but the harder we try, the more we understand.  

Most people would shrug our lifelong caffeine quest off, and tell us that there are far important things that we could, and should, be doing with our time, and they’re probably right.

There are more pressing issues that we could devote ourselves to, but none of them are as much fun or anywhere near as enjoyable as coffee is.

We’re coffee fanatics and are more committed to the caffeine cause than we should be, but our mission has led us to discover a succession of wonderful caffeine variations and incredible coffee makers that are designed to make our coffee lives better than they already are.

And one of the brands responsible for enhancing and increasing the pleasure that we derive from, and find in, the rich, roasted macrocosm of coffee, is Keurig.

Who Is Keurig? 

Barely three decades old, Keurig was the brainchild of a man obsessed with finding a solution to the age-old dilemma of office coffee.

John Sylvan’s belief that everyone deserves great coffee led to him following his heart and starting down a path that would culminate in him inventing a single cup coffee maker that would, in the world of the caffeine fanatic at least, revolutionize the way people thought about coffee.

After teaming up with Green Mountain Coffee in the late nineties, Keurig was on a roll and their upward trajectory continued in near unabated fashion until they eventually came under the umbrella of the soda giant, Dr. Pepper, and ultimately became known as, Keurig Dr. Pepper. 

Keurig has become one of the most instantly recognizable and beloved manufacturers of single cup coffee makers in the world, and the list of brands and coffee roasters lining up to make their coffee available as Keurig K-pods grows larger by the day.

But it’s impossible to talk about Keurig without mentioning the single-cup coffee makers that helped them to make their brand famous everywhere around the globe, the K-Mini and the K-Mini Plus.

That’s why we decided to take a closer look at both machines in an effort to try and find out which of them was better, which on the surface seemed like an impossible task, but one that we were willing to undertake in the name of good coffee.

Welcome to the Keurig Mini showdown

Keurig K-Mini 

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 Oz. Brew Sizes, Matte Black

Let’s begin at the beginning with the coffee maker that first brought Keurig to our attention, the K-Mini.

And when Keurig says that this one cup coffee maker is mini, they mean that in every sense of the word.

It was engineered to be small and take-up as little of the precious countertop space in your kitchen as possible. Less than five inches wide and not a lot taller than that, the K-Mini can, and literally does, fit just about anywhere.

It uses the infamous K-Pod system to brew your coffee, so there is literally a nearly endless succession of varieties, blends, and flavors to choose from. 

It’s simple to use too, you just fill up its reservoir, insert the pod, and press the “Go” button and it’ll do the rest.

Put your faith in the K-Mini and in less time than it takes to tie your shoelaces, you’ll have a delicious, freshly brewed cup of coffee waiting for you.

One of the things that we love about the K-Mini is that it’s capable of making either a six or a twelve-ounce cup of coffee.

All you have to do is add the appropriate amount of water to the reservoir, select the size of cup that you want it to brew, hit the brew button, and let it do what it does best.

Make coffee. And did we mention how many different varieties you can make thanks to the sheer volume of coffee world movers and shakers who have signed up to manufacture K-Cup pods?

We did? Okay, we just wanted to make sure that we had and that you were paying attention because as you know, coffee is important, and flavor matters.

Keurig also highlights the fact that you can store the cord in the K-Mini to make it easier to take with you on road trips and vacations and to make it easier for the coffee maker to fit in with the dynamic of your countertop, but none of that really matters to us, and we’re guessing that it doesn’t matter to you either.

All we want the K-Mini to do is sit on the counter, stay plugged in, and make coffee.

While the option of being able to take it on vacation is nice, it doesn’t really feature on our ‘must-have’ list when we’re looking for coffee makers.

All we wanted it to do was brew a great cup of joe, whether or not it could, and would, fit in a suitcase wasn’t even a concern. 

Everything that Keurig promises that the K-Mini can do, it does and it does it well.

The only thing that we didn’t like about it, and we’re being overly pedantic when we mention this, is that it’ll only make one cup of coffee at a time, and sometimes you want more than a single hit without having to go through the hassle of brewing another cup and using another pod.

It’s a minor inconvenience at best, and the K-Mini is made to only make a single cup and sold and promoted as such, we knew that it would only make one cup when we started using it, but we’re coffee fiends. And sometimes a single cup just isn’t enough. 

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 Oz. Brew Sizes, Matte Black
  • FITS ANYWHERE: Less than 5 inches wide, perfect for small spaces
  • YOUR PERFECT AMOUNT: Brew any cup size between 6-12oz with Keurig K-Cup pods
  • ONE CUP RESERVOIR: Just add fresh water for each brew
  • FAST & FRESH BREWED: Coffee made in minutes
  • CORD STORAGE: For easy transport and tidy countertops

Last update on 2021-07-23 // More Information

Keurig K-Mini Plus

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Comes With 6 to 12 Oz. Brew Size, K-Cup Pod Storage, and Travel Mug Friendly, Black

Making something better than it was before involves a lot more than just adding a buzz word like ‘Plus’ to it and hoping that no-one notices that you’re essentially selling them the same product with a slightly different badge.

Keurig knows this and that’s why they made sure that they did boost the Mini’s performance before they even thought about increasing the size of the name on its badge.

How did Keurig make their K-Mini better? 

Well, the first, and most noticeable, things that they did was to include a storage unit that clips in the front that was designed to hold to hold up to nine K-Cup pods, so you’ll always have the fuel you need to need to fire up your coffee maker without having to go searching through your cupboards to find another pod.

And, if you’re anything like us, as soon as you can you’ll fill it up with your favorite pods (there’s no such thing as too many Dunkin’ and Folgers pods) so that you’re always ready to go.

The other glaringly obvious change is the removable water reservoir, which on paper doesn’t sound like much, but in the real world, makes the K-Mini Plus much easier to clean than the K-Mini.

However, our favorite addition and the one thing that Keurig did that completely sold the K-Mini Plus to us was the addition of Strength Control, so you can control how strong your brew is at the touch of a button.

Does it work? Of course, it does, and we tested it to the point of destruction by turning the strength of the coffee that it made for us all the way up to eleven.

It tasted better than ever before, and we discovered, much to our surprise that nothing beats the taste of a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee served at industrial strength by a K-Mini Plus.

Are there any drawbacks to this incredible machine? Of course, there are, but they’re exactly the same as they are on the K-Mini.

The ridiculous insistence that being able to store the cord inside the coffee maker is a selling feature honestly makes no sense to us especially as it makes no discernable or practical difference to the life of the average coffee drinker.

And as was the case with the K-Mini, we wish that the Plus was a little bigger, because sometimes one cup just isn’t enough. 

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Comes With 6 to 12 Oz. Brew Size, K-Cup Pod Storage, and Travel Mug Friendly, Black
  • Included in the box: Keurig K-mini plus single serve coffee maker with pod storage unit that fits in your brewer and can hold upto 9 K-cup pods
  • Fast & fresh brewed: Coffee made in minutes
  • Pod storage: Holds 9 K-cup pods and fits in your brewer for ultimate portability and saves counter space
  • Cord storage: For easy transport and tidy countertops
  • Travel mug friendly: Removable drip tray accommodates travel mugs upto 7.0 inches tall and holds a full accidental brew for easy cleanup

Last update on 2021-07-23 // More Information

The Mini vs. The Plus – And The Winner Is…

We love the K-Mini, we really do. Thanks to the almost infinite variety of K-Cup pods available, it’s versatility is matched only by the number of pods it can use to make coffee, it’s easy to use, small enough to fit in any kitchen and on even the tiniest amount of counter space and it makes a great cup of coffee. 

And in normal circumstances, that would be more than enough for it to run away with our seal of approval and a hearty recommendation.

But these aren’t normal circumstances, and the challenger to its title as Keurig’s number one coffee maker has stealthily snuck in and stolen its coffee throne. 

While we love the K-Mini, we absolutely adore the Mini Plus, and it’s all down to the minor improvements that Keurig made and the addition of one glorious feature, the Strength Control.

There’s no better way to face the world head-on than with a mug of industrial-strength Dunkin’ Donuts flavored coffee by your side, and the only way you’ll make that team-up happen is with a Keurig K-Mini Plus. 

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