How to Froth Milk at Home

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to froth milk at home without having to buy the expensive machines used by baristas. Nowadays, there are now affordable milk frothers for sale (check our best list here) and other small items you already have at home that can actually help you make milk froth with ease.

Aside from a regular milk frother, here are some of the items you can use to make froth milk at home and how to use them.

Wire whisk

  • First, pour the right amount of cold milk into a microwavable cup or a saucepan
  • Heat/steam your milk with a stove or microwave oven.
  • If you are heating or steaming your milk in a microwave on high settings, heat it for around 30 seconds. Make sure there is steam coming from your milk
  • For stove-top heating, set the heat to medium and warm your milk until you see steam
  • Once your milk is done heating, use your palms to twirl the wire whisk to start frothing the milk. Keep at this until you get the foam you need for your drink

Hand blender

  • When using a hand blender for making milk froth, slowly raise the blender head to the point you hear something fizzing. This lets you know that air is injected into the milk
  • Alternate from raising to lowering the hand blender until you get the foam you need for your drink
  • Once you are done making the froth, heat the milk froth in a microwave before putting it in your beverage

Small jar or mason jar (can be made from glass and can be placed in a microwave oven)

  • Pour ½ cup of milk in the jar and make sure it will not take half of the space in the jar That extra space will be used for the froth
  • Place the lid on top of the jar and make sure it is tightly sealed. After sealing it, shake the jar until you see froth developing inside it. This process should take 30 seconds to achieve.
  • Once your froth has doubled in quantity, take the lid of your jar and heat your milk in a microwave oven that is set on high. Heat the froth for 30 seconds until you see steam, and take it out of the oven.

Big jug

  • Put in the right amount of milk in the jug. Do not worry if it doesn’t fill up the jug because you will need a lot of space as you make milk froth
  • Shake the jug for 30 seconds and see the foam made in the jug. Keep shaking if the froth isn’t enough for your needs
  • Once you get the froth you need, place the milk froth in a glass or bowl and heat it in the microwave for 30 to 60 seconds. Just make sure not to let it boil

Caution: If you are using this method, it is important to remember that the quality of the milk froth may not be that good. Cleaning the jug can also be difficult.

French press

  • Place steamed or heated milk in the flask or heat it directly in the flask
  • Seal the top tightly and do a couple of plunges with your French press until you see foam

Tea ball infuser

  • The ideal tea ball infuser to buy is the squeezable variety as this will help you to create foam, though the standard tea ball infuser can also do the trick
  • Place the tea ball infuser in your milk and stir it around until you see foam forming
  • Make sure you clean your tea ball infuser before doing this because some tea leaves may remain on the infuser and affect the overall taste of your milk


This product was designed to help you make your favorite drinks, shakes, and other mixable items. The BlenderBottle helps mix drinks and make froths; it looks like a milk jug at first glance, and it has a bigger opening so you can easily pour in milk and other items.

  • Simply put cold milk inside the jug and shake until you see the foam starting to expand in quantity
  • Place your milk foam in a cup or bowl, then heat it in a microwave for 30 seconds

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