De’Longhi EMF1BK Automatic Metal Milk Frother Review

As designer coffee and other blended drinks rise in popularity, those who want to have their favorite drinks at home are looking to buy milk frothers. While the milk frothers used in coffee and tea shops can be expensive, there are several affordable alternatives on the market. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the De’Longhi EMF1BK Automatic Metal Milk Frother.

Make your favorite drinks with a push of a button with the De'Longhi EMF1BK Automatic Metal Milk Frother, Black. Although it didn’t rank for our list finding the best milk frother, this very affordable and powerful milk frother can help you make great café au lait, hot chocolate, and many others in minutes.

Here are the features of the De’Longhi EMF1BK Automatic Metal Milk Frother that interested parties should first check out.

De'Longhi EMF1BK Automatic Metal Milk Frother, Black


  • This frother can make milk froth up to 4.7 fl. oz.
  • It can warm up milk up to 8.4 fl. oz.
  • Spills are a thing of the past as it comes with a pour spout that will pour your favorite drinks with no drop spilling
  • It comes with a non-stick interior and detachable allowing easy cleaning and frothing
  • The frother’s power base can be rotated by up to 360°

The De’Longhi EMF1BK Automatic Metal Milk Frother sounds like the perfect milk frother/warmer to buy due to its capacity and efficiency. However, before you run to purchase one, check the reviews below from users to find out whether it worked as brilliantly as promised.


Several users have recommended the De’Longhi EMF1BK Automatic Metal Milk Frother and cited why they recommend it. They stressed it is a great alternative to handheld frothers or steamers. The frother is also easy to use since you only have to press a couple of buttons to get everything going.

Cleanup was also a breeze by comparison to other milk frothers as you only have to rinse inside the chamber where the milk froth is made, and the removable parts. The milk frother has a large-size chamber, allowing you to make your favorite warm drinks or milk froths in one batch rather than making them in turns.

Users also love the fact the frother makes beautiful micro-foam that allows them do café art in their favorite drinks. Others also make other drinks with this machine such as hot chocolate and tea lattes. Some users have also expressed that this frother is a good investment since it works perfectly for them and it is quite inexpensive.


There are several issues with the De’Longhi Milk Frother anyone intending to purchase this product must consider. The first issue cited is the durability of this frother as some report it had malfunctioned after a few months. One user said after 5 months, the frother’s spinner would not spin unless it was done manually.

Users comment that the quality of the froth changes after the first frothing. One user reported that when they tried to make a second froth, it was less foamy and runny. It was also noted by the same user that you cannot readjust the settings to get the same consistency for subsequent froths.

For another user, they stress you need to clean the frother first before making a second froth. One user has also noted it cannot be used to froth other types of milk such as almond milk. There were also concerns to the fact this frother cannot be washed in a dishwasher, which would have made it easier to clean.

Customer service is also poor for this company as they take long to process inquiries and receive replacements. One customer reported that when they tried to get a replacement, not only was the warranty retained from the original one, the replacement was not sent.

Bottom line

For fans of designer coffee and even hot chocolate drinks, getting a milk frother that can do the job as well as those used in coffee shops and tea houses is the way to go.

With the De'Longhi EMF1BK Automatic Metal Milk Frother, Black, you can create milk froths like a certified barista while at home and enjoy your favorite drinks without spending too much. It is also a great appliance that should not be missing from your kitchen.

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