How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?


Coffee is such a fantastic drink and is one of the most popular hot drinks available. While roasted coffee beans are the most popular choice, green coffee is increasing in popularity.

If you are looking to purchase green coffee beans, you may be wondering how long they last.

In this article, we will be talking you through what green coffee beans are and how they differ from regular coffee beans.

We will let you know how long green coffee beans last and the best ways to store them to prolong their shelf life.

What Are Green Coffee Beans?

If you have never heard of green coffee beans before, you are probably wondering what they are. While they sound rather strange, they are simply coffee beans that have not yet been roasted.

As the name suggests, they are green in color. Their color is similar to a pistachio nut.

While the majority of coffee is consumed from roasted coffee beans, there are a lot of health benefits linked to green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are said to help with weight loss.

As it contains less caffeine in comparison to roasted coffee, it is better for those with a sensitivity to caffeine too.

While all coffee contains some levels of Chlorogenic acid, the levels are higher in green coffee. It is this acid that is linked to health benefits such as lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

What Do Green Coffee Beans Taste Like?

Given that green coffee beans have not been fully roasted, you may be wondering how the coffee they produce tastes.

In comparison to regular coffee, green coffee is less strong in its flavor.

It is also a light green color instead of the usual coffee brown/black. Many people liken its taste to herbal tea rather than roasted coffee.

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the green coffee beans you purchase, and how you choose to store these coffee beans.

As green coffee beans have not been roasted, they will last significantly longer than roasted coffee beans.

If your green coffee beans are stored in the correct way they are safe to consume up to twelve months after storing.

However, if they are not stored correctly, the coffee beans may only last for around 6 months.

How To Correctly Store Green Coffee Beans

As storing the green coffee beans correctly will significantly increase their shelf life, you should do this where possible.

Coffee beans are best stored in a cool and dry place, whether that is in your pantry or cupboard. Ideally, they should be stored in a glass jar.

If you are struggling to find a dark place to store your beans, alternatively you can use an opaque jar instead.

How To Prolong The Shelf Life Of Green Coffee Beans

While storing your green coffee beans correctly can help to prolong their shelf life.

There are a few additional things you can do to get the most out of your green coffee beans to help them stay as fresh as possible.

Here are some easy methods you can follow:


The temperature you keep your green coffee beans at is important. If the temperature rises too much, the green coffee beans will begin to store any moisture within the air.

Over time, this will decrease the quality of your green coffee beans.

To help prevent this, you should always store your coffee beans in a cool place. While you may assume that popping the beans in the refrigerator is a good idea, in hindsight it is not.

Coffee beans are particularly porous. This means that if they are placed next door to foods that have a particularly strong smell, they will retain that smell.

So, if you regularly eat camembert, the last thing you will want to do is place your coffee beans in the fridge. We cannot imagine that cheese and coffee mix very well!

The recommended temperature to keep your coffee beans stored at is around 60℉. Always ensure that they are stored alone and a significant distance away from strong odors.


As explained above, green coffee beans are affected by moisture. Even if you store your coffee beans at a lower temperature, moisture can still be an issue.

While moisture gained during transport cannot be helped, when you are storing your coffee beans, you will want to choose a cool and dry place.

The moisture content of your green coffee beans should be around 60%. If the moisture reaches a percentage higher than this, mold is likely to form.

Once the green coffee beans are moldy, they are no longer safe to consume.

In contrast to this, if your coffee beans lose too much moisture, they will become unpleasant to drink and they will become dry and lose their overall flavor.


If your coffee beans are placed in direct sunlight, this will dry out the coffee beans. Over time, they will begin to lose their moisture. It is always recommended to store green coffee beans in a cool and dry place.

While coffee beans are dried out in the sun initially after they have been harvested. Once this drying process has finished, too much sun exposure should be avoided where possible.


To conclude, the length of time green coffee beans will last does vary depending on several factors.

On average they can last for around 12 months before they are unsafe to consume when correctly stored. However, if they are not stored correctly, they may only last for a few months and could even end up tasting burnt.

To help prolong the life of the green coffee beans you should always ensure that you are storing them in a glass jar. Where possible, they should be kept in a cool and dry environment that is away from too much moisture.

In addition to this, try to avoid too much direct sunlight as this can dry out the coffee beans!

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