CASO Germany Crema Frother Review

Coffee and tea are two of the most favorite beverages for people today and drinking them can normally be a bit boring. While milk frothers are available to give these drinks a twist, which one do you choose if you are in a tight budget?

Fortunately, CASO Germany has a solution for that and it is the Caso Crema Milk Frother, Black! CASO Germany’s Crema Frother is the frother you need. This cute frother can help you make the best milk froths for your drinks in seconds, and fit right at home in your kitchen.

Caso Crema Milk Frother, Black


  • This frother can make milk froth in as fast as 80 seconds
  • When it has managed to froth the milk to the perfect level, the machine will automatically switch off so the froth will not be overdone
  • Milk froth will not be burnt while in this frother thanks to its 2-layer nonstick coating
  • It also comes with a transparent lid which helps you see what’s inside the frother
  • Frothing is stable thanks to its 360° base station.
  • The frother also looks very sleek thanks to its lacquered coating

Before you purchase the CASO Germany Crema Frother because of its features, check out whether or not it performs well at home and is the best milk frother for you. Read the following reviews from current and previous users with regards to the performance of this milk frother.


Users have praise that potential buyers of this machine should consider. Most have expressed that they love the fact this is very easy to use; you simply have to put in the milk, press a button and wait for the machine to shut off automatically.

It is also very easy to clean thanks to the non-stick surface it has on the inside. To clean the moving parts, users say it can be cleaned easily with running water. It is also very durable, with one user saying it has outlived other brands they tried.

One user said that the machine still kept on working even after it was accidentally dropped on the floor. The machine is also very quiet and some even said that the audible vibrating sound that can be heard is somewhat relaxing.

In terms of frothing, this frother produces a very consistent foam which varies due to the type of milk used. It can also produce cold and warm foam, fit for any drink.

Users also like the fact it has three settings, allowing them to control the quality of the froth being made. Many users have also expressed that they recommend this to other users looking for a great milk frother at home.


Users cited several problems with the CASO Germany Crema Frother that should be considered by those who are considering buying this for their home. Some users reported that this milk frother is not very durable, stressing that it only worked for 9 months before it totally broke apart.

Another user said that the base is also very sensitive and can easily malfunction if water or milk is accidentally spilt on the base. The froth is also not very good; it is decent, but not excellent according to users. The froth is also not very thick.

Users say this frother is not good with almond milk because it does not froth this type of milk properly. There is also a complaint that this milk frother does not heat consistently, and it has to be reheated constantly to get the milk at least warm.

Customer service received black marks from some users because the company did not respond to their inquiry. One reported that the company blocked them from directly contacting the company to sort out the issue after posting their comments on Facebook. Some users have also complained that this frother is very expensive.

Bottom line

Do not just settle with just a plain coffee and tea cup; add a little bit of milk froth to your beverages with the help of the Caso Crema Milk Frother, Black. This inexpensive and sleek milk frother promises great milk froth each time it is used at the fraction of the cost of a high-end milk frother.

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