Best Keurig Knock Off

When it comes to coffee machines and the related accessories, it is clear that Keurig has taken a market advantage. Their line of coffee, K-Cups, and coffee machines has fast become one of the best-selling coffee brands in the world and as a result of their monopoly, prices for their products have gone up without hindrance.

However, there remains a portion of the coffee-drinking population that wants good coffee at an affordable price without having to buy an expensive machine that will likely require maintenance at some point anyways. The good news is that there are options out there for you bargain hunters that want a good cup of coffee for a price that makes more sense.

The Hamilton Beach Model #49976 is one of those machines. It provides all the convenience and technology of a Keurig, but instead of paying for a name brand, you are paying the true value of the machine.

What is the Best Keurig Knock Off?

The best Keurig knock off is the Hamilton Beach 49976. It is programmable to store all your favorite preferences, has a single-serve capacity, and it can brew coffee without wasteful and expensive K-Cups. If you’ve got more than one coffee drinker in the house, this appliance can brew whole pots of coffee at a time. You get the best of both worlds. It also has 2 brew strength options for even more customizability.

The Hamilton Beach coffee maker sits 12 inches high and weighs 13.7 pounds. It comes in a sleek black color to accent any kitchen.

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Brew Strength

With a traditional coffee machine, you can only brew your coffee one way. As technology advanced in the world of coffee, new machines now give you the ability to customize your brew more closely instead of just having a uniform brewing strength. This Hamilton Beach machine allows you to choose from two different brews.

Easy-Fill Reservoirs

The Hamilton Beach 49976 makes it a breeze to fill up the reservoirs with easy access and two different compartments. It holds plenty of water so you won’t have to be refilling as often.

2 Ways to Brew

The Hamilton Beach coffee maker allows you to customize your brewing size, as well. You don’t have to brew a full pot of coffee every time. You can choose to brew the perfect amount, whether that’s a full pot or just enough to fill your coffee thermos. This helps to ensure that nothing goes to waste and you brew the right amount every time. No matter your life style, this coffee maker can keep up with you.

Programmable Timer

This option reminds many of what Keurig machine have to offer, but it comes in a Hamilton Beach coffee machine. This is one of the luxury features that really sets the Hamilton Beach coffee maker apart. It may be the best Keurig knock off machine, but it certainly won’t feel like a knock off when you are scheduling your brews up to 24 hours in advance!

Auto Shutoff

Just like a Keurig, this coffee machine has an auto shutoff feature that gives you peace of mind when you are away. You won’t ever have to worry about leaving the machine on all day while you’re gone and causing an accident.

Features & Specifications

As we’ve seen so far, the Hamilton Beach Single Serve machine has all the functionality of a Keurig but with more versatility. It is designed with many different types of coffee drinkers in mind, as it comes with multiple brew options and sizes. It’s also easy to clean and intuitive, which makes our hectic lives a little less crazy.

User Impressions

The best way to determine if a product will really work for you and solve the problem that you need solved is to see what others think of that product. The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker is the #2 best-selling coffee maker on Amazon. It even beats out many Keurig machines! That’s because this machine comes with all the features of a Keurig without the high price tag.

The most common praise for this machine is that the taste of the coffee is equal to that of a Keurig. This is surprising for some, considering the price difference between the two, but the Hamilton Beach machine actually does produce great-tasting coffee at much lower prices.


If you are looking for the best Keurig knock off coffee maker, your search concludes with this Hamilton Beach machine. It has a ton of functionality, is easy to use, and has several features that will remind you of a Keurig without actually requiring you to spend a couple of hundred dollars just for a coffee machine.

If you are looking for something functional and sensible while also having many of the features that you’d find in a traditional Keurig, this Hamilton Beach machine is the perfect choice for you.

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