Best Keurig for High Volume

Coffee drinkers know that when it comes to coffee makers, there’s almost too many options out there to get a good idea of which is the best for you. Furthermore, you know the struggle of trying to find a good coffee maker that can handle a high volume. This is especially a problem for those who keep a Keurig in the office, as people clamor to brew cup after cup of steaming, hot joe. For ordinary coffee makers, this can cause many problems, the most common being durability of the coffee machine.

Frequent heavy use can damage some coffee makers and shorten the lifespan of a machine that you spent your hard-earned money on. For that reason, it’s best to do a little bit of research on which coffee machines are best for dealing with high volumes and a high use frequency. Finding the right coffee maker for your high-volume needs can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t have experience locating a coffee maker and buying one for an office or other high-volume setting.

Rather than spending your precious time reading multiple reviews, we hope this single post will quench your thirst for knowledge…and coffee…in 2020!

What is the Best Keurig for High Volume?

The best Keurig for high volume is the Keurig K575 coffee maker. The K575 is known for its prowess as a high volume Keurig coffee machine, but the features that make it great extend far beyond that. It has a high degree of customizability in brewing options, versatility in brewing sizes, and reliability in delivering the best cup of coffee possible for as many people as possible.

The K575 is a single serve machine system, but it produces cups of coffee quickly. More importantly, it delivers a great, strong cup of coffee that is sure to wake you and others up well in the morning and keep you going throughout the day. The K575 works with all K-Cups, and even serves a variety of sizes. It truly is a magnificent machine for those looking for a coffee maker that can serve a lot of people and all the different brewing preferences that are bound to come with that.

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Large Water Reservoir

A common problem with many standard coffee machines is that the reservoir used to hold water is often small and doesn’t allow for many cups of coffee to be made before it needs to be filled back up. This is inconvenient and impractical, and that is especially true in an office or high volume setting.

The K575, however, has a large capacity reservoir which allows for several cups of coffee to be made before the single reservoir needs to be refilled and tended to. This enables you to spend more time of your day on productive things rather than constantly filling up the water reservoir on your high volume Keurig.

The water reservoir on the K575 is 80 ounces, which equates to about 10 cups of coffee before a refill is needed. This is far and away one of the best reservoir capacities on the market and it’s a factor that contributed to this Keurig being considered the best Keurig for high volume use.

In addition to having a high capacity, this Keurig also features a removable feature that makes the reservoir easy to clean. This is a great feature that not a lot of coffee machines have. The reservoir is constantly wet, which means it’s a great opportunity for mold and other nasty things to grow. Being able to remove the reservoir allows you to thoroughly clean it often without taking up too much time out of your day.

Multiple K-Cup Sizes

The K575 will accommodate multiple K-Cup sizes, which will help it appeal to a large percentage of those who will be using it and offer the versatility that we have all come to know and love by Keurig. This high volume Keurig will be able to handle any K-Cup that you throw its way and it is sure to please all who use it.

Extra Large Color Touch Screen

Sick of high-tech-but-hard-to-use machines? So are we. That’s why we recommend the K575. The K575 has an extra large screen so that you can easily see all the functions and features that it has to offer while also keeping it simple and straightforward for you to understand. It’s an easy-to-use machine with a high brewing power and versatility. With the K575, you get the best of both worlds.


The best way to determine whether something is a good product these days is to simply ask those who have bought it in the past and have used it. We might not have a direct line to those or you might not know someone who has it, but looking at the product reviews is just as good in many ways.

You can also tell a lot about the product by how much it sells. As the reputation of a product goes up, so do sales. It is a natural market reaction. Luckily for those considering the K575, it is both one of the best-selling high volume coffee makers on Amazon as well as one of the highest-rated. Past purchasers of the Keurig K575 rave over its ease of use, simplicity, quality of brew, and durability.


All factors considered, the K575 is clearly the best choice to buy if you are looking for the best Keurig for high volume use. It has versatility, high capacity, and features to fit all. You and many others are bound to love it.

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